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Welcome to our web site. We hope your visit is fun. We have included more pictures inside the "More Pictures" group of pages. These pictures should make your visit fun and memorable, but first, please read this introduction. It provides an excellent overview of a treehouse building project. Then, click on the other pages and study them.

Please read the full "Introduction" and "Safety First" pages before you build. Then, order our plans and use them. It's time and money well spent.

Our treehouse design adapts to children and trees of all ages and sizes. We designed and built the EZ Treehouse from scratch using building materials purchased at a local discount building materials outlet.

Some web sites offer untested plans shown in a computer generated virtual reality. Our design is real. The pictures shown and experiences discussed are from our real world construction project. We really built it. Therefore, our efforts should be especially helpful to you.

Yes, you can build a treehouse also; it just takes some time, effort and motivation! Our materials list should add to your motivation because it removes uncertainty by preventing the mistake of buying the wrong lengths, sizes and types of lumber. Our design calls for top grade, treated lumber, which should be available in your area.

We have one premium product; a treehouse plan that can be adapted to almost any setting. Our treehouse is thoughtfully designed to fit around the tree, not hang on the tree. With proper care, the EZ Treehouse will not interfere with the growth and future development of the tree.

Our treehouse can also be built as a freestanding structure by increasing the vertical beams that support the floor. This alternative is also very "do-able" if the "doer" is motivated.

Regardless of when and where you build, think safety first. We ask you to take all necessary safety precautions including the use of scaffolding if necessary. We built our treehouse without a bucket truck or scaffolding, and we explain our system fully in the plan, but our advice, above all, is safety first. During construction, tools can fall out of the tree on people below. Also, it is very easy to get a false sense of security after several hours in the tree. SO, BE CAREFUL

This project is not idiot proof and we can't be on site to help you. So, regardless of your safety precautions, we will not be held liable for injury or death that may result from the use of our plans. Proceed at your own risk and think, think, think!

We built the EZ Treehouse and later decided to share it with others. We planned the project for a long time. Finally, 'Coolmom', the mother of the house (and boss), demanded that "ceo" (who thinks he is the boss) get off his rear and build the thing for Briannas' 11th birthday. The design and construction was successful beyond anything we had envisioned so we decided to share it with you!

Regardless of your motivation, we are convinced your treehouse will bring as much pleasure to your family as ours has brought to us.

This is a do-it-yourself project that may require some professional support. The construction of a tree house demands a commitment of time and money. We spent approximately $375.00 on materials. The project took about 22 hours to complete over the course of three days, excluding the tree trimming which took several more hours. During most of this time, "ceo" was driving back and forth to the building supply outlet. A total of six trips in three days became necessary, while two local framing carpenters brought ceo's plan to life.

Coolmom and the girls kept the crew full of ice water, cookies and suggestions. When the ladder was placed in the corner of the tree house, a total of fifteen neighborhood children were waiting to make the climb. The youngest was three years old and the oldest was ceo, age 51.

Our treehouse plans can be adapted to almost any setting by anyone with a basic understanding of frame carpentry.  Our Step-By-Step plans contain over 50 full color CAD diagrams and 67 pages of clear instruction with materials list. Our design is quite unique because we built a Treehouse which hugs the tree without attaching to the tree. This makes it adaptable to any setting. We offer free telephone support.

We are happy to answer your questions every day. You may call us with your treehouse questions at 1-(281) 599-9800. We are available from 10 am to 9 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon and on most holidays. You may call any time and leave us a message. If we don't answer, we'll return the call soon.
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